Saving Bees PSA

This short stop-motion animation was designed for social media and explores what individuals can do to support honeybees and other pollinators. It is often hard to feel like you have a voice in such large-scale issues, but there are plenty of ways to make a difference! Find tips, resources, and more under the video.

Here are some ways YOU can help support bees and bee saving initiatives!

  • Purchase local honey to directly support beekeepers who are working hard to increase bee populations.
  • Fight against the use of harmful neonicotinoids and other pesticides by signing petitions or calling your local government representatives about relevant bills and policies.
  • Plant honeybee favorites such as bee balm, daisies, and lavender in your garden or around your neighborhood.
  • Provide safe resting areas by making bee hotels or leaving out a shallow container of pebbles and water during hot summer days.



Visit these sites for even more information & ways to help!


For this project, I used several different techniques. The bee puppet is needle felted, the petition is made with cut paper, the honey was purchased from a farmer’s market, the flowers are real plants provided by a local florist! It was great to connect with so many people to make this project work.

Additionally, 2D animation was added for the text, wings, and petition signature for a little extra pizazz. Check out these progress shots!






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