Nature Animation Demo Reel


This reel is focused primarily on my nature and science oriented work. See below for a shot list.

Shot List

0:04 “Saving Bees PSA” Stop-motion and 2D animated PSA designed for social media, using real flowers and local honey, accompanied with a link for resources.

0:10 “The Sacred Change” After Effects and Photoshop animation.

0:18 “Experiments in Replacement Animation” Stop motion using fruit.

0:21 “O. Hortus” Photoshop animation based on jellyfish movement.

0:25 “fig. VII” Stop motion film using real preserved leaves, dirt, and other organic materials.

0:31 “The Sacred Change”

0:36 Clips from “fig VII” and “Anatomy of a Feather” featuring animation done with butterfly wings, feathers, and leaves under a mircoscope.

0:44 “The Sacred Change” animation using seeds.

0:47 “fig. VII”

0:51 “Anatomy of a Feather”

0:55 “Little Anatomy” microscope animation using preserved fish, bugs, and other creatures.

0:58 “The Sacred Change”

1:03 “Saving Bees PSA”

Music is my own composition.


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