Stop Motion Reel 2019

The very best of my stop motion work, from puppet animation to crazy cool experiments! See below for a shots list.

Shots List

0:03 “Saving Bees PSA” a short I directed and animated, designed to share information through social media.

0:07 “honeyheart” character animation from my senior thesis film.

0:22 “fig. VII” a film made using real preserved leaves to create plant puppets.

0:26 “honeyheart”

0:37 “fig. VII” butterfly wing animation using a microscope.

0:40 “fig. VII”

0:43 “Honeyheart”

0:45 “Replacement Animation Experiments” Fruit animation.

0:48 “anatomy of a feather” Feather animation.

0:50 “honeyheart” microscope animation and beeswax dripping animation.

0:52 “fig. VII”

0:56 “honeyheart”

1:04 “Saving Bees PSA”


One thought on “Stop Motion Reel 2019

  1. Especially enjoyed your concern for bees…I include them constantly in my work…here is a piece from a recent Show…

    Lonely Honeybee…Stalking Last Remaining Hope…Worldwide Conundrum…

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